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The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

The Magnificent Andersons rolls right along with The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, an ocean-themed adventure comedy from Wes Anderson.

Slouching towards bankruptcy and in need of a hit new release, oceanographer/documentary film director Steve Zissou (Bill Murray) has only one thing on his mind: revenge. Obsessed with documenting his ever-dramatic life he so wishes to be remembered for, the soon-to-be-washed-up Zissou takes his red cap cladded crew– and a man who may or may not be his son (Owen Wilson)–on his (rumored) final voyage and companion motion picture. Zissou and company encounter fierce rivals, economic setbacks, Filipino pirates, and the monstrous “jaguar shark” that is the target of his vengeance.

With the right cocktail of kitschy adventure bravado and heartwarming reflections on human connection, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou takes viewers on a wet, wild, and wholly Anderson-esque voyage that transcends the sprawling waters it traverses.

“Orson Welles said a film studio was the best train-set a boy could have, but The Life Aquatic is something else: Anderson uses the sound stages of Cinecittá like a kid playing with toy boats in the bath. He makes one hell of a splash.” – Jonathan Romney, Independent on Sunday

“This is Murray and Anderson at their most irreproachable and beguiling. In short, it’s a bit of a minor masterpiece.” – Roddy Woomble, The List

“A lovely, slightly wistful, tragicomedy.” – Wendy Ide, The Times (UK)