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The Long Goodbye

Altman Month continues with the 1973 crime thriller The Long Goodbye, starring the inimitable Elliott Gould as Philip Marlowe.

Adapting Raymond Chandler’s novel of the same name, private investigator Marlowe attempts to mind his own business and feed his cat until an old “friend” lures him into driving and dropping him off at the Mexican border. After that friend is revealed to have fled from killing his wife, Marlowe is forced by authorities to confront this case further. Soon, he is thrust into a numbed-out LA labyrinth that may lead to more questions than answers.

Featuring Altman’s trademark naturalism and standout appearances by David Arkin and a young Arnold Schwartzenegger, The Long Goodbye is a classic standout of neo-noir.


“The Long Goodbye as a whole peels back the surfaces of private-eye stories, paying special attention to their macho bluster and abused women.” – Noel Murray, The Dissolve

“A masterpiece of sorts, it digs beneath the surface of the supposedly liberated spirit of the times to expose the ethos that took America into the Vietnam war and produced Watergate.” – Philip French, The Guardian

“The Long Goodbye is a gloriously inspired tribute to Hollywood that never loses sight of what Los Angeles has become.” – Alan R. Howard, The Hollywood Reporter