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The Room

Bust out those plastic spoons! Tommy Wiseau’s The Room is returning in all its football-throwing glory!

Wiseau’s peerless magnum opus finds the auteur who shaped a generation taking on the arts of acting, writing, casting, directing, editing and more. What’s even more remarkable: he’s mastered them all. The multi-talented director stars as Johnny, a big-time banker working in gorgeously shot San Francisco. His fiancée Lisa, seemingly a happy part of a successful relationship, has wandering eyes…for Tommy’s best friend Mark. Cinema has never witnessed such betrayal!

An intense, sensual thriller, The Room is an intricately knit web of sweet secrets and bitter lies that interrogates the very form of drama itself as well as a truly unforgettable piece of cinema.

NOTE!  Due to the live-performance and interactive elements of this event, for the safety of our performers and guests, one of the following must be presented at front door to attend THE ROOM:
  • Proof of COVID vaccination.  (Full regimen of vaccine shots, with the final date being no sooner than 14 days before showtime.)
  • Proof of a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours.
We look forward to seeing you soon and getting through this together!