The Frida Cinema

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The Room

Bust out those plastic spoons!  Tommy Wiseau’s The Room returns to The Frida Cinema on Saturday, July 13th – at a new earlier time, 10pm!

Tommy Wiseau’s peerless magnum opus finds the auteur who shaped a generation taking on the arts of acting, writing, casting, directing, editing and more. What’s even more remarkable: he’s mastered them all. In Wiseau’s The Room, Johnny is a big-time banker working in gorgeously shot San Francisco. His fiancé Lisa, seemingly a happy part of a successful relationship, has wandering eyes…for Tommy’s best friend Mark. Cinema has never witnessed such betrayal!! The Room is an intense, sensual thriller punctuated with brilliant musical contributions by Mladen Milicevic, Jarah Gibson, Clint Gamboa, Kitra Williams & Reflection.

Wiseau’s intricately knit web of sweet secrets and bitter lies interrogates the very form of drama itself, abandoning a slick and finished aesthetic to showcase his inventive and creative spirit. Especially notable is Wiseau’s masterful naturalistic acting. Join us and witness a master at work. This is truly unforgettable cinema.