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The Royal Tenenbaums

Our Magnificent Andersons series moves along with The Royal Tenenbaums, a hilariously awkward story of family dysfunction like only Wes Anderson can tell it.

All three of Royal Tenenbaum’s children are prodigies. The thing is—they haven’t spoken to him in decades. When he hears that his estranged wife Etheline is getting engaged to another man, Royal claims to have cancer to win back his family’s affections. He soon finds that that’s easier said than done; Royal’s attempts at family bonding are quickly overtaken by the realization that his children are now their own people. For all their genius, though, the Tenenbaums prove less practiced at love.

A favorite of Wes Anderson fans to this day, Gene Hackman earned a Golden Globe for his performance as Royal.


“…a dazzlingly original piece of work.” – Caroline Westbrook, Empire Online

“The Royal Tenenbaums is at heart profoundly silly, and loving.” – Roger Ebert,

“…something eccentric and hilarious that can suddenly—or maybe not for hours or even days later—choke you up with emotion.” – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone