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The Shining – Presented by HorrorBuzz Horror Movie Night

The Shining HorrorBuzz

Horror Movie Night presented by HorrorBuzz continues in 2020 with the return of their biggest event of last year, Stanley Kubrick’s horror masterpiece The Shining.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of one of the most iconic of all horror films. If you have never seen it on a big screen, there is no better time than now. If any film was ever made to be experienced on the silver screen in a crowded, darkened theater, The Shining is that film.

This month’s short film selection from the HorrorBuzz Screaming Room at Midsummer Scream is a film that perfectly fits with the tone and subject matter of our feature presentation. Writer/director Kate Trefry’s How to Be Alone follows Lucy as she struggles to survive an increasingly bizarre and horrifying night. Lucy’s most secret fears begin to manifest and attack her, forcing her to fight for control of her mind and ultimately her life. How to Be Alone won 2 awards at last year’s Screaming Room, taking the Audience Award for the Crimes & Passions block and the top prize awarded by the jury, the Palme d’Gore.

For February’s Pumpkin Pack giveaway, we are bringing back another element of last year’s Shining screening, The Jack Off. So, make sure to spend as much time as possible polishing your Jack to be ready for this fun competition.

The doors open at 9:45pm with the latest edition of the amazing HMN Video Pre-Show. Remember to arrive early and grab a glass of (what else?) Redrum, this month’s themed specialty beverage.

And, of course, Dum-dums!

Academy Award winner Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall star in Stanley Kubrick’s disturbing adaptation of Stephen King’s blockbuster horror novel. When writer Jack Torrance (Nicholson)-(who has a history of alcoholism and child abuse) takes a job as winter caretaker for a hotel high in the Rocky Mountains, he, his wife (Duvall) and their young, psychic son are set to be isolated until spring. But once the first blizzard closes the road out, the accumulated power of evil deeds committed at the hotel begins to drive Jack mad.  Will his wife and son be able to escape in this haunting tale of madness, memory and family violence?

Tickets to this special event are $13. Frida Memberships and comp passes not accepted.

★★★★.  The movie is not about ghosts but about madness and the energies it sets loose in an isolated situation primed to magnify them.” — Roger Ebert, 

“Kubrick again plays off the awesomeness of the internal odyssey and the banality of ordinary human behaviour.” Richard Combs, BFI

“Boy will it chill your blood.” Almar Hafilidason,