The Frida Cinema

Orange County's Year-Round Film Festival

The Walkers: Premiere Screening

Join us June 6th as OC-based filmmaker and Orange Coast College graduate Lisset Tania MendoZa premieres her new horror/comedy short The Walkers at The Frida!

The Walkers is a comic look at the college life of a group of misfit witches.There’s group leader Emma, a fierce, street-smart, and skilled witch; her funny and quick-witted counterpart Laura; and Aanya, a newbie who Emma and Laura take under their wing to guide into their world of darkness as they enter their collegiate life filled with parties, drugs, and the occasional demonic possession…

Cinematography by: Natalie Perez 
Produced by: LBL Productions & She TV Media 
Starring: Marilyn Fitoria, Thea Cantos, and Avy Shavya Samala
Directed by Lisset Tania MendoZa