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The Warriors: 40th Anniversary

Return to the grimy streets of 1970’s New York City in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of The Warriors!

In the near future, the most powerful gang leader in New York City, Cyrus of the Gramercy Riffs, calls a peace summit in the Bronx for the rest of the gangs to present his plan to take over thecity, leaving the police hopelessly outnumbered. When Cyrus gets shot mid-speech the blame gets pinned on the Warriors, a scrappy group of kids from Coney Island, and the entire city turns on them. The Warriors have to duck, outrun, or fight their way through every obstacle the city puts in front of them if they are going to escape with their lives. With every eye peeled for them, and every ear glued to the mysterious radio DJ telling the city where in the world they are, the Warriors have nowhere to run to.

Director Walter Hill’s vision of a city overrun by costumed street gangs, where the perilous journey to get home resembles a side scrolling video game, has all the makings of the perfect cult movie.  Where else can you see the most shirtless vest-wearing gang go toe-to-toe with a pack of murderous baseball mimes, overgrown roller skating boys, or a gang of kids proud of their homelessness?  Like a Greek epic filtered through pulp comic books and Nintendo cartridges, The Warriors is an adrenaline rush of B-movie fun!

“Tight, terse and tough. The great Walter Hill once again proves he has few equals when staging intense confrontations.” — Chuck O’Leary,

“There’s a night-blooming, psychedelic shine to the whole baroque movie.” — Pauline Kael, New Yorker

“If you’ve never seen this film, I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s definitely in my TOP 5 of “all-time greatest movies.” — Dante James, Film Threat