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The Year of the Everlasting Storm

Weather The Year of the Everlasting Storm, a new anthology film that premiered at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.

Seven directors join forces to share seven stories in response and in the midst of the COVID pandemic. Hailing from all corners of the world, the filmmakers use their distinctive voices to help make sense of this unprecedented era and remind viewers of the power of cinema.

Featuring such filmmaking talents as Laura Poitras and David Lowery, The Year of the Everlasting Storm is a most electrifying anthology film.


“The film’s poignancy comes from its confirmation that even in tumultuous times, our senses of wonder, love and loyalty remain integral to the human experience.” — Roxana Hadadi, Los Angeles Times

“The seven filmmakers at the center of “The Year of the Everlasting Storm” do give a slash of cathartic release, a dash of humor and a large batch of necessary pathos to make the world feel a little less lonely, a little less small.” — Robert Daniels, indieWire

“Anthology films are notoriously difficult to pull off, but “The Year of the Everlasting Storm” presents seven distinct voices addressing a common theme on a spectrum running from linear narrative to experimental art without a dud in the bunch.” — Laura Clifford, Reeling Reviews