THERE WILL BE BLOOD: The Films of Paul Thomas Anderson

June 16, 2018 @ 8:00 pm

Our six-film tribute to the films of Paul Thomas Anderson continues with 2007’s There Will Be Blood.

Anchored by a towering, Oscar-winning lead performance by Daniel Day-Lewis, There Will Be Blood is Paul Thomas Anderson’s loose adaptation of the novel “Oil!” written by Upton Sinclair.  Daniel Plainview (Day-Lewis) is a miner who happens upon black gold during a disastrous excavation in 1898.  Having broken his leg, Plainview pulls himself up from the bowels of the earth – both literally and metaphorically – and embarks on a systematic and steadfast journey to mastering the oil business, driven to succeed by his intense hatred of others and desperate need to see any and all competitors fail. When he learns of oil-rich land in California that can be bought cheaply, he moves his operation there and begins manipulating and exploiting the local landowners into selling him their property, until his wrongdoings begin to catch up to him.

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.  2007.  158 mins.  USA

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“One of the most wholly original American movies ever made.”– Richard Schickel, TIME Magazine

“There Will Be Blood establishes itself as a film of Darwinian ferocity, a stark and pitiless parable of American capitalism.”– Christopher Orr, The New Republic

“Someday, we’re probably going to look back at There Will Be Blood, Paul Thomas Anderson’s epic about greed, lies, manipulation and insanity, and call it his masterpiece.” – Christy Lemire, The Associated Press