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Tigers Are Not Afraid

Tigers Are Not Afraid

Tigers Are Not Afraid caused an uproar on the festival circuit a couple years ago, but it was unclear when general U.S. audiences might get a chance to see it. Now, thanks to Variance Films, the film hits theaters this Summer!

Hailed by Oscar-winner Guillermo del Toro as one of the best Mexican films in recent years, Issa López’s dark fantasy Tigers Are Not Afraid is a surprisingly heartfelt genre film that playfully surpasses all expectations. Its protagonist, 10-year-old Estrella, has three wishes. Her first is for her missing mother to return. Estrella’s wish is granted, but with a twist—her mother is dead, and her ghost begins to follow her everywhere. Terrified, Estrella tries to escape by joining a gang of orphan children, but she quickly discovers that in the real world, ghosts are never truly left behind.

“Issa López is an incredibly exciting filmmaker who, if there is any justice, will go on to have a career comparable to Guillermo del Toro.” — Fiona Underhill, Jumpcut Online

“On the evidence of her first film, [director Issa López] has a phenomenal career ahead of her, and it will be fascinating to see what she does next.” — Matthew Turner, Hero Collector

“López’s fable has already drawn comparisons to Pan’s Labyrinth, but has a phantasmagoric energy and modern urgency all its own.” — Leah Pickett, Chicago Reader