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Brace yourself for Titane, a new body horror-thriller from French director and screenwriter Julia Ducournau.

As a child, Alexia and her parents suffer a traumatic car crash, forcing Alexia to undergo major surgery and have a titanium plate installed in her head (the titular “titane”). Sporting her surgical scar, adult Alexia performs at a motor show as their most sexed-up showgirl. Ever since the accident however, she’s always had more of a preference for cars than men or women. And when unexpected trouble arises after she can’t keep away from a souped-up ride, Alexia proves that she is no victim.

A thrilling follow-up to Raw, Titane won the coveted Palme D’Or at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, making Ducournau the second female filmmaker to win the prize.

“Ducournau’s beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy is a nightmarish yet mischievously comic barrage of sex, violence, lurid lighting, and pounding music.” — Nicholas Barber, BBC

“With a pulsating soundtrack and a visual aesthetic that alternates between strip club and abattoir, Titane also is a shock-driven genre film that has plenty of violent, squirm-inducing moments.” — Anna Smith, Deadline

“Call it the French Punk Queer Wave” — Boyd van Hoeij, The Hollywood Reporter