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Tokyo Godfathers Encores (Dubbed)

Tokyo Godfathers

Satoshi Kon’s animated masterpiece Tokyo Godfathers returns, with encore screenings added March 13th through March 18th!

On a snowy Christmas Eve in Tokyo, three homeless friends receive a miracle in the form of an abandoned baby, whom they find while rummaging through the city dump. With only a note and a few trinkets to go off, the trio decides to track down the baby’s parents and reunite the newborn with her family. As they embark across the city in search of clues, the trio’s family bond is tested when they find themselves in a series of unfortunate and illuminating events throughout the night.

Darkly comedic but heartfelt, Tokyo Godfathers offers a touching story of humanity and redemption.

The screenings listed here will be presented in English.

“There are a lot of reasons why this film works, but I think at the heart is an emotional resonance we connect with.” – Rachel Wagner,

“Japanese animator Satoshi Kon has a striking sense of composition, but I’m more impressed by his storytelling skills.” – J.R. Jones, Chicago Reader

“As with the greatest animated films, the triumph of Kon’s work lies not just in its beauty and singularly sophisticated storytelling but in how that beauty and storytelling combine to give the films a sting so human you can forget you’re watching a cartoon.” – Manohla Dargis, The Los Angeles Times