The Frida Cinema

Orange County's Year-Round Film Festival

Tony Ochoa’s First Annual Horror Spooktacular!

Join us on Saturday, October 30th at 8:00PM for a night of indie horror filmmaking. The Tony Ochoa First Annual Horror Spooktacular is a showcase of local writer/directors premiering their new work!

Betty by Ricardo Stacey

Sam is a lonely, tormented man who takes out his frustrations on the woman he’s supposed to love. She forgives him time and time again, but perhaps he has gone too far. Now Betty is taking matters into her own hands…

Vultures by Axel Jimenez

Vultures is a short horror film about a brother and sister struggling to move on after the recent death of their parents. After the brother mentions attending a mesmerizing yet ominous magic show, his sister slowly begins to notice him go mad until the very end, where a dark and twisted climax reveals him to be seduced by an evil entity

Santa Muerte by Alex Ortiz

After the death of her father, Maria starts to get haunted by Saint Death. Maria then must find out why she is seeing this ghost and get rid of him.

Janitor by Tony Ochoa

A father to be takes the position of janitor in an old eerie historic building. Strange events transpire over his first day on the job. He fears fatherhood and his future. Filmed in homage to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. Shot entirely in the historic Santora building.