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Celebrate this week’s news of a cinematic match made in heaven with special screenings of sci-fi cult classic Trancers – first brought to you by the 80’s VHS heroes at Full Moon Entertainment, and now re-released to theaters by American Genre Film Archive!

AGFA has announced they’ll be bringing 25 remastered Full Moon classics back to cinemas, and we’re kicking off a series of screenings to come (keep posted!) with everyone’s favorite time-traveling, bounty-hunting cop, Jack Deth! In the year 2247, Deth (Tim Thomerson, in the role he was born to play) learns that a mind-controlling madman has whipped back three centuries to the mid-1980s. Deth shatters the time barrier to bring him back dead or alive but isn’t counting on laser assassins, a drunk Santa, a crew of knuckle-dragging punks listening to a hardcore version of “Jingle Bells!,” and other strange and surreal obstacles that made Trancers a mid-80’s video favorite!

Co-starring Oscar-winner Helen Hunt as Deth’s 20th century New Wave partner, Trancers is a ten-fisted neonized post-nuke noir that will enslave your brain while you party like it’s 1985!

“A slice of history caught in amber, from a time when B-movie filmmakers tried to please their audience above all else.” Bloody Disgusting