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Willow Creek + Q&A with Bobcat Goldthwait

Writer/director Bobcat Goldthwait returns to The Frida to introduce his chilling 2013 found-footage horror film, Willow Creek! 

Like most avid believers in Bigfoot, Jim (Bryce Johnson, Pretty Little Liars) is obsessed with the legendary Patterson-Gimlin film, a 1967 fragment of footage which purports to show Sasquatch striding along a dry riverbed.  Obsessed with capturing footage of his own, Jim recruits his skeptical girlfriend Kelly (Alexie Gilmore, World’s Greatest Dad) to accompany him and his video camera into Six Rivers National Forest in Northern California, the location where the footage was shot.  As the couple strolls deeper into the dark and silent woods, further isolated from human contact, Jim becomes increasingly eager to discover that they are not alone – but fully unprepared for what awaits if he’s correct…

We are excited to welcome the film’s writer/director Bobcat Goldthwait back to The Frida to introduce his film!

“A found-footage horror cheapie that turns out to be its creator’s warmest, most satisfying work.Village Voice

“A cleverly executed thriller, as intriguing for where it will go as it is to wonder what Goldthwait will do next.”Moveable Fest

“A wonderful turn of the found footage sub-genre that watches like a part found footage movie, and part documentary shoot that took a turn in to hell.”Cinema Crazed