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From A24 and Lemon co-writer/director Janicza Bravo comes Zola, a stripper road-trip odyssey that drew sold-out crowds at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival.

Based on potentially the most sprawlingly epic Twitter thread ever posted, the film follows Aziah “Zola” King (Taylor Paige), whose path crosses with a sex worker named Stefani (Riley Keough). They bond immediately, as Stefani invites Zola on a cross-country trip to Florida to make as much money as possible from strip clubs. But with the additional company of Stefani’s boyfriend (Succession’s Nicholas Braun) and an aggressive pimp named X (Colman Domingo), little does Zola know she will be partaking in a falling out for the ages.

Shot in ravishing 16mm and scored by Under the Skin’s Mica Levi, Bravo lends the true story of Zola a hazy, dreamlike atmosphere that certifies her as a genuine visionary. Segueing effortlessly between dark comedy and tense drama, Zola is a film bound to leave you as restless as you are bound to never forget it.

“From the writing and directing to the costuming and production design, Bravo and her team transform the famed series of tweets into an of-the-moment film that captures the same frenetic energy of the story.” — Cate Young, The Muse/Jezebel

“It’s downright thrilling to watch a film breeze through its grimly funny energy with such exuberant confidence, especially with such a new, vibrant voice in Paige.” — Clint Worthington, Consequence

“Twitter is Shakespeare for the 21st century and, as Zola proves, Janicza Bravo is the director best adept at bringing all the peculiarity, hilarity, and ugliness of social media mayhem to the big screen.” — Jordan Raup, The Film Stage