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Casa OC Presents: The Year We Thought About Love

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Join the CASA OC Diversity Committee at The Frida on Thursday, June 23rd for a special FREE screening of the documentary The Year We Thought About Love. The film goes behind the scenes of a queer youth theater troupe as we learn more about the lives of several troupe members, highlighting both the unique and universal struggles of LGBTQ+ adolescence. Doors open at 6:30pm; film begins at 7pm.

Your hosts at CASA OC hope this opportunity will allow you to hear from the youth’s perspective about the impact that one supporting adult and an affirming space can have. Join us in celebrating the talent, joy, and love that these youth have for each other as they share their stories and experiences. CASA Volunteers provide a powerful voice and a meaningful connection for a youth in foster care in Orange County. To support CASA’s efforts to provide an advocate for the 195 youth on their waitlist, please bring a friend to enjoy this no cost event. Popcorn and a soft drink are included with your attendance!

To join us, please RSVP below, and be sure to click on SUBMIT when finished:

What happens when LGBTQ youth decide to create a play about queer love to tour to area high schools? The Hollywood Reporter writes that the play “shocks, entertains, and awes!” Award-winning film The Year We Thought About Love reveals how the powers of art elicit the most interactive, educational, funny, vibrant, experiential illustrations of real life for queers, and queers growing up. The theater troupe explores love – familial, romantic, and spiritual – with wit, candor, and a bit of attitude. While the play takes shape, other challenges come hurtling at the cast. A transgender teen is kicked out of her house; a devout Christian wrestle’s with his church’s homophobia, and a girl experiments with boy’s clothing even as she models dresses on the runway on the weekends. When the Boston Marathon bombs explode outside their rehearsal room, these actors and activists grow even more determined to share their stories of love to help heal their city.

Founded in 1985, CASA OC ia a non-profit organization driven by the mission to provide a powerful voice and a meaningful connection for children who have experienced abuse, neglect, and abandonment. They are a privately-funded non-profit organization that serves severely abused, neglected and abandoned children through the recruitment, training, and continued support of volunteers who advocate and mentor these children, representing their best interest in the courtroom and other settings. The CASA OC team believes that the protection of our children is a fundamental obligation of our society, and therefore their advocates and staff will fight for and protect a child’s right to be safe, to be treated with dignity and respect, and to live in a healthy environment where they can learn and grow. Being a CASA means helping to support and protect the rights of our county’s valued children, and to give them the nurturing and stability that they deserve. Learn more at


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