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Tales From The Hood

Celebrate The Great Clarance Williams III

The Frida Cinema celebrates the life and career of Clarence Williams III, perhaps best known as The Mod Squad’s Linc Hayes, with a special screening of director Rusty Cundieff’s 1995 horror anthology classic Tales from the Hood, featuring another instantly-iconic performance by the late, great actor.
Williams plays eccentric mortician Mr. Simms, whose funeral home is visited late one night by three young drug dealers hoping to purchase some drugs from him. As Mr. Simms leads the unsuspecting trio to the stash, he regales them with increasingly strange — and cleverly satirical — stories of his newly departed patrons….
A unique experiment in anthology-style horror, Tales from The Hood combines supernatural elements with striking commentary on inner-city social and economic issues.

“One of the smartest genre offerings of the era and, quite possibly, the best anthology of its decade.” – Dustin Putman,
“If Get Out is about the way racism now hides behind America’s grinning, faux-liberal facade, Tales is about how poverty and ignorance are causing young black men and women to rage war against themselves.” – Chris Alexander, Alexander On Film
“A landmark genre picture.” – Mike McGranaghan, Aisle Seat

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