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The Frida Cinema is proud to present the December film series, “Dead of Winter;” a collection of six bone-chilling thrillers that will be sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Tickets are on sale now!
Misery (1990) (Dec 3rd & 5th)
A Metaliterature piece turned psychological-thriller film under the direction of Rob Reiner, based on the Stephen King 1987 novel by the same name. Rendered unconscious in a blizzard-induced car accident, famed author Paul Sheldon is at the mercy of an obsessive fan, Annie Wilkes, who cares for him in her remote Colorado home. As the story develops, however, Sheldon comes to realize that the care he’s receiving is only the beginning of a nightmare of captivity and abuse.
Fargo (1996) in 4K (Dec 6th – Dec 8th)
In this Coen brothers’ classic, Minnesota car salesman Jerry Lundegaard’s staged kidnapping falls apart due to his and his henchmen’s incompetence and the persistent investigative work of the pregnant police chief Marge Gunderson, played by Frances McDormand. Join us for the 25th-anniversary showing of this black comedy crime film. 
The Great Silence (1968) (Dec 15th – Dec 16th)
This revisionist Spaghetti Western follows the story of a mute gunslinger by the moniker “Silence,” operating on a provoke-and-self-defense principle in Utah during the winter of 1898. The snow-swept West sets the scene as “Silence” stands against the corrupt banker, Henry Pollicut, and a group of ruthless bounty hunters led by “Loco” in defense of a group of outlaws and a vengeful young widow. 
The Thing (1982) (Dec 17th, Dec 19th– 20th)
As a group of American researchers explore Antarctica, they encounter the eponymous “Thing”, an extraterrestrial parasitic life-form that holds the ability to assimilate and imitate other organisms. Overcome by paranoia, the group begin to turn on one another, unsure as to the preservation of their humanity. 
Black Christmas (1974) (Dec 17th – Dec 19th)
Inspired by urban legend and true events, this title is deemed one of the earliest slasher films; The story follows a group of sorority sisters who, after receiving threatening phone calls, are stalked and murdered by a deranged killer during the holiday season.
The Shining (1980) (Dec 20th – Dec 23rd)
Our Dead of Winter series comes to a close with this psychological horror classic, starring Jack Nicholson in a film rendition of the Stephen King novel by the same name. The film’s protagonist, Jack Torrance played by Nicholson, is an aspiring writer and recovering alcoholic who accepts a seasonal position as the caretaker of an isolated Overlook Hotel in the Colorado Rockies, with his wife and young son, Danny. However, the hotel’s dark past prompts Danny’s gifted psychic abilities, referred to as “the shining,” which enable him to see into the hotel’s horrific past as they make their way into the present. After a winter storm leaves the Torrances snowbound, Jack’s sanity deteriorates due to the influence of the supernatural forces that inhabit the hotel.