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Scene Selections Episode 10: Live Q&a W/ Dr. Maja Gutman, Until The End Of The World

“KTFC: Scene Selections” is a series of conversations between Anthony McKelroy, Miquela Davis, and a rotating cast of friends of The Frida Cinema. Tune in as we dissect shot compositions, overanalyze subtext, and wait for our coronavirus vaccines.
In partnership with the SCIENCE ON SCREEN initiative, the Frida Cinema is proud to host Dr. Maja Gutman, Ph.D and Professor Atalia Lopez for a live Q&A presentation following Wim Wenders’ monstrous 287-minute cut of Until The End Of The World (1991).

Dr. Gutman is an interdisciplinary scholar whose research work integrates Media Studies, Philosophy of Mind, and Science and Technology Studies to advance a fundamental understanding of two themes: the human-machine relationship and the psychological dynamics of dreams.

Professor Lopez is a lecturer at Chapman University and teaches a course entitled “Los Angeles in Film and Fiction” that examines the function of urban space in literature, and on the screen.



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