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Scene Selections Episode 12: Twilight Revue Live

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“KTFC: Scene Selections” is a series of conversations between Anthony McKelroy, Miquela Davis, and a rotating cast of friends of The Frida Cinema. Tune in as we dissect shot compositions, overanalyze subtext, and wait for our coronavirus vaccines.
Recorded LIVE at the Frida Cinema’s Breaking Dawn double feature on 5/28/21, Anthony & Miquela discuss the Twilight Saga with volunteers from the audience. 
Later, we are joined by Blog Writer Isa-Bulnes Shaw for a post-mortem discussion of the franchise as well as thoughts about a possible remake.
Twilight Revue LIVE

Twilight, “Spider Monkey”:

Twilight, Baseball:

Twilight, Meet the Cullens:

New Moon, “Where The Hell Have You Been, Loca?”:

New Moon, Depression Season:

Eclipse, Tent Scene:

Eclipse, Proposal:

Breaking Dawn: Part 1, Wedding Day:

Breaking Dawn: Part 2, Jacob Imprints On Renessme:

Twilight DVD commentary:


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