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We Did It

We’ve hit our Matching Challenge! THANK YOU!

Our 5 Year Campaign continues, but we are so very grateful to announce that thanks to the support of 113 wonderful heroes and fellow film, arts, and community lovers, we have hit our $7,500 Winutemute Family Foundation Matching Challenge! Your donations of $7,500 will be matched by the Wintemute Family Foundation, bringing us so much closer to our overall $50,000 goal!!

THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to our Matching Challenge Campaign!

We still need your contributions as we look onward to years six through ten! Please click on icon below to make a one-time or recurring tax-deductible contribution!

About The Frida Cinema’s 5 Year Anniversary Campaign

The Frida Cinema is proud and grateful to celebrate our fifth anniversary — now, we need your help to ensure we keep going.

In celebration of our first five years – and in the effort to ensure our non-profit organization successfully celebrates another five years of success, and rings in Year Ten with you! – we are on a mission to raise $50,000 in Five Months. It is by far the largest fundraising campaign we’ve undertaken – and we need your partnership to and support to ensure we meet our goal.

An art house cinema is inherently a risk-taking organization. It is risky to bring you a quality genre film from a micro-budget distributor or studio with zero marketing dollars, rather than play a sure-fire hit that has posters plastered on buses and cereal boxes – but we exist to bring you that quality genre film. It’s risky to provide some of our films and events free of charge, or offer a double-feature for the price of one ticket, or price an event at far less than what a competing cinema might charge – but we want you to have that experience. That’s our Mission – it is literally why The Frida Cinema exists.

We are dedicated to continue to serve our community as Orange County’s only non-profit, independent art house cinema as long as you can, but we need your support to continue to grow, take risks, and to keep the ART in Art House for another ten years and beyond!

Every dollar donated to The Frida ensures more film, more variety, more experiences, and more memories. Please make a one-time or recurring contribution to our $50,000 Campaign today!

a hearty thank you to the following wonderful donors whose contributions will be matched!

Jason Regehr • Krystina Alfonso • Leasa Eddy • Tish Leon •  Amanda and Chad Leslie  • Ryan Crow  • Nacy O  • Kim Derrick  • Alex Martinez  • Catherine Clark  • Marjorie Crow •  Beth Shannon • April Rios • Eric Jasso • Jack Curtis Dubowsky • Vahan Hartooni • Jeff Qualey • Mindy Kim •  Rafael Zevallos-Crowe • Diego Teran • Susan Weinfurther •  Ginny Heenan  • Albert Rowuin • Jon Webb • Justin Waite •  Carlos Crow  • Carlos Gamboa • Karen Estremo • Kayla Allen • Rick Johnson • Briana Quackenbush • Logan Crow  • Lorraine Griego • David Walker • Patricia McMaster • Nathan Lacy • Nathaniel Laolagi • Lisset Mendoza • Johnny Whitehead • David Beard • Matt Coker • Colin & Rachel Walker • Robin Ragland  • Amy Paloma Welch • Oscar Limon • Steven Forry • Jonathan Bauman • Griselda Rios  • Colleen Happ •  Mia Magdalene • Constance Squire • Kurt Ericson • Ruth Honer • Adrienne Reese • Erika Metz • Timothy Greenshields • Charles Gage • Maria Crow • Thomas Sievers • Logan R. and Martha L. Crow • Claudette Dorsey • Henrik Nordstrom • Dana Hammer • Eleena Abdishoo • Craig Duffy • Trevor Dillon  • William Elder • Claudia Leal • Jared Summers • Aimee Murillo  • Ethan Yim • Glenn Getler • Barbara Cohen • Alexis Dei Santi • Laura Vasquez  • Long Vo  • Katherine Damm • Deborah Hakola  • Mark Wahl • Horrible Imaginings Film Festival • Elizabeth Cabrera • Martha L. Crow •  Lupe McDonald • Tim Testerman • Douglas Reinhardt • Kevin Cookman • Lynn Johnson • Eddie Russek • Jason Vickstrom • Chelsea Vandersys • Giselle Crow • Linda Sevier • Aaron Orullian  • Kelly Faltis • Martha Cisneros • Nikkia Pannell • Mark Waters • Suzanne Simanaitis • Sami Nasrawi • Justin Head • Evan Christiansen • James Robertson  • James Hakola • Albert Griss • Katie Shevlin • Larry & Terry Singer • Edward Crowe • Rachel Potucek • Allen Moon • Bob Bretall • Andrea Gurbach • Terry Kreger • David Headland • Alonso Lopez • Enrique Alonso • Patrisia Prestinary • Michelle Whiting & Associates • Jamie Boetler • Kyle McGuire • Marina Aguilera • Julia Paredes • Autumn Gubersky • Alexander Medina • Laura Doyle • Jeannine Christensen • Harvey Jordan • Eric Ryan • Danielle Mire • Navarad Phonethibsavads • Emilia cp • Tram Le • Tawny Ochoa • Dennis Lluy • Dave Lumian • Alex Chung • Karen Kelly • Matthew Moss • Ken Crow • Andrea Arias • Tammy Orozco • Yvonne Flores • Westcliff Properties • Lelia McNicol • Stephanie Howard • Tracey Stein • Richard Espinachio • Rolando Granadino • Lauren Flores • Phuong Pham • Christina Vanderelst • Emily Correa • Floral Park Neighborhood Association


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