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Wtf Wednesday Ep 2

‘WTF Wednesdays’ Series Episode 2: Minor Premise,’ Featuring Guest Host/Frida Volunteer Adam Wagner!

Our Streaming Cinema roster continues to expand with some fantastic titles offering a variety genres and styles — and every once in a while, a film gets in there that assaults the senses, melts the brain, and leaves some audience members asking themselves, “…WTF did I just watch!?”
Programmer Trevor Dillon returns with Episode 2 of his ‘WTF WEDNESDAYS’ series, tackling Director Eric Schultz’s 2020 sci-fi thriller, Minor Premise. In this episode, he’s joined by longtime Frida Volunteer and Palme d’Or connoisseur Adam Wagner!
Check it out by clicking here to rent the film for $5.
After you’ve seen it, check out WTF Wednesdays Episode 2: MINOR PREMISE below!


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