Film Club Members! Join us for PULP FICTION – Wednesday December 19th at 7PM!

On Wednesday, December 19th, we invite our card-carrying Frida Cinema Film Club Members to join us for our last Member Screening of the year, as we present Quentin Tarantino’s landmark, Oscar-winning 1994 independent classic, Pulp Fiction!

Coming hot on the heels of Tarantino’s revolutionary Reservoir Dogs, which established the young filmmaker as a promising new voice in cinema, Pulp Fiction paired an impressive ensemble cast with an impeccable screenplay, becoming one of the most quoted and imitated films in history after winning the 1994 Palme D’or at Cannes, and going on to become a commercial and critical hit that ultimately took home the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

Pulp Fiction tells the twisted tale of three completely off-the-wall and interwoven stories of sweetheart robbers, a duo of hitmen, and a boxer on the run, all taking place in the same town and at the same time – though not necessary told that way. Tarantino’s encyclopedic knowledge of, and passion for, classic cinema – particularly genre, cult, and exploitation cinema – commands most of the proceedings, and many of the film’s gritty and iconic images. A cult-classic and critical smash, Pulp Fiction became an unlikely late addition to the canon of films considered the vanguard of “Art House Cinema.”

This event is FREE, and open to Frida Cinema Film Club Members only! No need to RSVP – just show us your card at box office, or give us the name your Film Club Member account is under. Not a Member yet? Click here to join! The Frida Cinema Film Club is composed of our most dedicated and passionate supporters and fellow film lovers; as a Frida Cinema Film Club Member, you help us pursue our mission to bring unique repertory and independent cinema to your community, and score great discounts and Members Only perks along the way! For questions or more information on joining the Film Club, email!