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Camp Frida 2019 12

Camp Frida 2019: In the Wake of the Witch

Triple, triple popcorn butter dripple,
Silver Shamrock gleam and ripple.
One rec room, a graveyard too
Camp Frida brought one eve to thee,
By the power of three times three,
Threequels, witches, and Halloween fright.
Were you able to survive the night?

Thank you, Campers!

Your favorite spooky-filled, twelve hour movie marathon has done it again! Thanks to our campers, counselors, staff, and volunteers, Camp Frida: The Season of the Witch was the biggest and best campout yet!

In honor of Camp Frida’s third year, there were three themes within the night. So along with anything surrounding the occult, any film taking place on Halloween night or the third installment in a film series was fair game. We saw witches of all ages and shapes, films with whimsical and comedic tones, and threequels from a variety of horror-filled franchises that made it a magical time for everyone.

Of course, Camp Frida is far from just the surprise screenings. The Frida was transformed into a delightfully dreadful campground, complete with Jack-O-Lanterns, bats in flight, weathered tombstones, and even a witchy display of Sanderson Sisters’ infamous Book of Spells (photo op included). Along with their own rations, pizza and cocktail-filled blood bags—with a BAC off the charts—were available for a special treat to really get comfortable for a long night in those onesies.

Our hosts this year were not zombified campers, but instead the very alive Jonathan and Tyler of Bombs Away fame. They too had to survive the night, and did so with the appropriate vintage short-shorts, costume changes, and proud sponsorship by Silver Shamrock Novelties (with no affiliation whatsoever to the one you’re thinking of, thank you very much).

More campers than ever stayed through the night this year, each leaving with a little charm to protect them until they come back next year.

See you then, Campers!

All photos by Ree Han


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