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Writer’s Room Survey: Rocky Horror Picture Show

For 45 years and counting, The Rocky Horror Picture Show has existed as a load-bearing cultural object of fringe, arthouse weirdness just outside of the mainstream. 
The Frida Cinema is honored to bring this film to our drive-in audiences, and to continue participating in the long held Rocky Horror tradition of arthouses everywhere.
Did you miss out on the SOLD OUT event this Friday, February 12th? No worries, it’ll be back in March!

Describe The Rocky Horror Picture Show to someone who’s never seen it, in two words.

  • Logan Crow (Founder, Frida Cinema): absolute pleasure.

  • Anthony McKelroy: Susan Sarandon.

  • Isa Bulnes-Shaw: Pulp-tastic fun!

When did you lose your Rocky Horror virginity?

  • Logan C.: 1991 (I’m old.)

  • Anthony M.: September 1st, 2013 according to my notes app. I would have been 18.

  • Isa B.: I attended the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Rocky Horror Picture Tribute Show when I was around twelve before I watched the movie. I thought it was going to be something scary, but wasn’t too taken aback because I’d heard some of the music before. But it was funny to have Magenta greet the crowd saying “put on your party hats!” and then hold out a condom.


Which theater did you attend your first live cast performance of the film? How was it?

  • Logan C.: The South Bay Galleria in Redondo Beach, CA! Good times…it was an absolute blast, and my first real opportunity to surround myself with a community of like-minded bohemian souls, if only for a few hours per week.

  • Anthony M.: My first live cast was at the Phoenix 15 Cinemas in Corona – this was when it was still called the Phoenix 15. It used to be at the Dos Lagos shopping pavilion, but has since been converted into a Starlight Luxury Cinema. I had no idea what to expect, no knowledge of the historic traditions of the live cast screenings – I loved it. It was truly discombobulating to walk to be bossed around by the actors onstage, and to try to follow the plot of the film while people are shouting lengthy dialogue of their own. It was a new energy I’ve yet to feel replicated by any film in a theater…

  • Isa B.: I actually don’t remember! Somewhere in LA or Orange County. This was before The Frida Cinema’s showings were around, so I just Googled where the next one would be. It was… bad. It was a special outing with my friends, but we were all minors in high school still and none of us could drive, so we had to go with my dad and another person’s parent. I’d watched the movie with my dad before, but the nature of the midnight screenings was more aggressively sexual than either the film or the Universal Tribute show combined. It felt vulgar and gross rather than carefree, and the staple call-out lines are still something I don’t always like very much or think are funny. But I still loved the music, so it was fun to dance during those moments in the aisles.

What’s the best song from the film?

  • Logan C.: “Science Fiction Double Feature” — always a thrill to hear so many classic genre films name-dropped!

  • Anthony M.: Can I say “Science Fiction Double Feature”? It’s popular for a reason.

  • Isa B.: They all genuinely shred, but Hot Patootie is one of my favorites. I also like Rose Tint My World because one of the most fun things is singing in the voice of the characters, and this number has the whole cast from Columbia’s nasal whine to Rocky’s Elvis-y deal.

Who has the best outfit in Rocky Horror? (picture links appreciated, but not required if its an easy outfit to identify)

  • Logan C.: Columbia! That hat! That bowtie!

  • Anthony M.: Frank-N-Furter has the market cornered on good outfits. But their sequined dinner shirt is clearly the best.

  • Isa B.: Frank-N-Furter’s dinner party outfit (with or without the party hat) is severely underrated. The bodysuit is beaded and sparkly, with these cute little toe-showing boots. It’s sexy yet elegant, and gender-defying.

Pitch your idea for a Rocky Horror sequel/prequel film

  • Logan C: I’d love to follow Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s years through med school. What did his dorm room look like? Who did he have lunch with?

  • Anthony M.: The sequel: Frank-N-Furter returns to Transsexual, Transylvania and attempts to cultivate the same community there as he did on Earth – but it doesn’t work. Their parties aren’t the same as they were on Earth, it’s missing something. The film would be a really introspective study on alienation and not a musical. My version would be directed by Gus Van Sant.

  • Isa B.: I want to see Eddie and Frank-N-Furter’s fling before they broke up. Maybe an alternate universe where Magenta and Riff-Raff don’t turn on Frank, and some of Brad and Janet’s loved ones come looking for them after they went missing. Worlds collide again, and now Brad and Janet help bring more people over to the Transylvania way.


What kind of car would Dr. Frank-N-Furter drive if he went to a drive-in?

  • Logan C.:  1963 Jaguar E-Type SI – OTS. Sexy as hell, and appropriately phallic.

  • Anthony M.: Frank-N-Furter would be driven to the drive-in by Rocky, but both are wearing chauffeur’s hats. They’d arrive in a convertible hearse, with a portable TV to watch in case the movie gets boring.


  • Isa B.: Something long and sparkly.

“Damnit…” (fill in the blank with anything except Janet)

  • Logan C.: 2020

  • Anthony M.: irreversible human damage to this planet!


  • Isa B.: Hamlet!

Who would you cast as Frank-N-Furter in a stage revival of the show?

  • Logan C.: Lee Pace

  • Anthony M.: Mya Taylor. And if she isn’t available then Janelle Monae, I guess.


  • Isa B.: I’d want to see an open call for LGBTQ+ performers, but if I had to pick…Michael Sheen as Frank-N-Furter? He looks so good in a dress, stockings, and heels. He has the range, darling.


Riff Raff or Magenta?

  • Logan C.: Magenta.

  • Anthony M.: Riff Raff. Because I slouch a lot.


  • Isa B.: Riff Raff whomst?

What film would you pair with Rocky Horror to make the perfect late-night, double-feature, picture show?

  • Logan C.: Phantom Of The Paradise (1974)

  • Anthony M.: Spice World: The Movie (1997)

  • Isa B.: Another cheesy, iconic musical– maybe Flash Gordon (1980)!



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