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Film Guide

Genre: Trivia
Runtime: 150 minutes
Rating: NR
Start Date: May 17, 2022
Join us for The Frida Cinema's next Trivia Night!

Grab some of your fellow trivia lovers, sign up to six team members, and flex your brain muscle as we grill you through six challenging rounds of trivia! The topics will vary (slightly), but will be almost entirely entertainment industry-based! Sign up your team in the form below. Participation is free, but we do need you and your team to RSVP!


1) Doors open at 7pm, and we'll aim to start trivia promptly at 7:30pm. Please give yourself time to make your food and drink purchases before start time!

2) You do not talk about Fight Club.

3) When we are in rounds, cell phones must be put away.

4) We will be utilizing the big screen for some of the rounds, so bring your glasses if ya need 'em!

5) Correct spelling on the answer sheets is not required — but legibility is!

6) We'll have clipboards for your teams — please select the most legible writer in your group!

7) Unless otherwise specified, we are looking for full titles if the answer is a sequel (i.e., “Harry Potter Part 2” or “Friday the 13th Part 7” would not count…)

8) Shhh! As you discuss with your team, keep your voice down so another team doesn't hear your answer!

9) If you must use your cell phone for a call, leave the group and make your call in the lobby. You will not be able to rejoin your group until the next round.

10) In the event of a tie, tying teams will go into a Sudden Death speed round!

Winning team gets Frida Cinema film and concession passes!

See you at Trivia Night!

Genre: Drama
Runtime: 101 minutes
Rating: R
Start Date: March 22, 2023
Experience the dreamlike nostalgia of the next entry in our Arthouse 101: International New Wave series — Hou Hsiao-hsien's 2001 time capsule, Millennium Mambo.

In 2011, A woman named Vicky (Shu Qi) recollects her experiences a decade prior, in which she navigated an emotionally tumultuous love triangle between her DJ boyfriend Hao-Hao (Tuan Chun-hao) and a businessman named Jack (Jack Kao). Aimlessly caught between the temperamental toxicity of Hao-Hao and Jack's criminal ties, Vicky's vulnerability inevitably keeps bringing her back, unable to move forward. It is only through recollection in which she may be able to release herself from the tightening grip of her past.

Nominated for the Palme d'Or at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival, Hou Hsiao-hsien injects Millennium Mambo with an endlessly evocative, neon-soaked sensory experience, anchored by the emotional rawness on display from his performers.

The Frida Cinema's Art House 101: International New Wave series has been made possible with generous support from the City of Santa Ana.

City of Santa Ana

Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 85 minutes
Rating: R
Start Date: June 9, 2023
Our Party Like It's 1999 series celebrates 25 years of an essential modern classic -- Jamie Babbit's 1999 rom-com, But I'm a Cheerleader!

Megan (Natasha Lyonne) is an all-American girl. A cheerleader. She has a boyfriend. But Megan doesn't like kissing her boyfriend very much. And she's pretty touchy with her cheerleader friends. Her conservative parents worry that she may be (gasp!) a lesbian and send her off to "sexual redirection" school, where she must, with other lesbians and gays, learn how to be straight, unless Megan encourages her peers to reject the cause for conversion.

Using intensely saturated costume and production design to illustrate its deconstruction of heteronormativity, Babbit lends But I'm a Cheerleader a naturally distinct touch that continues to resonate deeply today.

Genre: Concert
Runtime: 88 minutes
Rating: NR
Start Date: September 28, 2023
Our monthly dance party screenings of the 4K restoration of Jonathan Demme's 1984 masterpiece of sight and sound, Stop Making Sense are continuing to roll! Make sure to show up early at 7:30PM as our friends at Resident Vinyl spin some music and sell some records before the show!

A concert film documenting Talking Heads at the height of their popularity, on tour for their 1983 album "Speaking in Tongues." The band takes the stage one by one and is joined by a cadre of guest musicians for a career-spanning and cinematic performance that features creative choreography and visuals.

Featuring masterful performances by David Byrne and photography by Jordan Cronenweth (Blade Runner), Stop Making Sense is the concert experience at its most colorful and life-affirming.

Genre: Cult Cinema
Runtime: 108 minutes
Rating: NR
Start Date: April 7, 2024
It's back! Join us on Friday, May 31st, 2024 as we finally unleash our first public screening of Hundreds of Beavers — a brand-new masterpiece of slapstick from director Mike Cheslik! Don't be afraid to wear your best beaver garb to the screening and be entered into a raffle for all sorts of goodies!

In the 19th century, a drunken applejack salesman must go from zero to hero and become North America's greatest fur trapper by defeating hundreds of beavers...possibly thousands, even!

An invigorating blend of Looney Tunes and Buster Keaton, Hundreds of Beavers stands on its own through a uniquely anarchic sense of humor that rightfully earns its place within the pantheon of contemporary comedy.

Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 104 minutes
Rating: R
Start Date: May 3, 2024
From Julio Torres, the creator of Los Espookys, comes his feature debut, Problemista!

Alejandro (Julio Torres) is an aspiring toy designer from El Salvador, struggling to bring his unusual ideas to life in New York City. As time on his work visa runs out, a job assisting an erratic art-world outcast becomes his only hope to stay in the country and realize his dream.

Heavily acclaimed since its premiere at the 2023 South by Southwest festival, Problemista is an unexpectedly poignant love story made unique by its creator's surrealist touch.

Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 95 minutes
Rating: NR
Start Date: May 10, 2024
Fresh from its premiere at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival, Theda Hammel's new dramedy, Stress Positions, arrives!

Terry Goon (John Early) is keeping strict quarantine in his ex-husband's Brooklyn brownstone while caring for his nephew — a 19-year-old model from Morocco named Bahlul (Qaher Harhash) — bedridden in a full leg cast after an electric scooter accident. Unfortunately for Terry, everyone in his life wants to meet the model.

Praised for its wicked sense of humor and biting socio-political commentary, Stress Positions further cements Hammel as one of the most exciting new cinematic voices of the decade thus far.

Genre: Cult Cinema
Runtime: 99 minutes
Rating: R
Start Date: May 14, 2024
One of April's Volunteers of the Month is Melody, who has chosen 2004's Kung Fu Hustle — the apex of acclaimed comic mind Stephen Chow.

When the hapless Sing (Stephen Chow) and his dim-witted pal Bone (Lam Chi-chung) try to scam the residents of Pig Sty Alley into thinking they're members of the dreaded Axe Gang, the real gangsters descend on this Shanghai slum to restore their fearsome reputation. What gang leader Brother Sum (Danny Chan Kwok-kwan) doesn't know is that three legendary retired kung fu masters live anonymously in this decrepit neighborhood and don't take kindly to interlopers.

A maximalist stroke of cinematic genius that pays homage to a plethora of works, Kung Fu Hustle is perhaps as entertaining as contemporary cinema can get.

Genre: Special Event
Runtime: 97 minutes
Rating: PG
Start Date: May 15, 2024
Our 2024 Science on Screen® series of film screenings and presentations continues with writer/director Savage Steve Holland's iconic 1985 black comedy classic, Better Off Dead. This screening will be followed by the presentation Navigating Love and Loss: The Psychology of Better Off Dead by Dr. Galena Rhoades.


John Cusack stars as Lane Meyer, a teen with a peculiar family, and a bizarre fixation with his girlfriend Beth (Amanda Wyss). After Beth dumps him, he enters into a deep depression, alternately spending time with oddball buddy Charles (Curtis Armstrong), doodling depressing cartoons into his sketch pad, making bumbling attempts at suicide, and evading his community's menacing paperboy. Encouraged by his new neighbor Monique (Diane Franklin), a visiting French student, he decides to win back Beth's affections by challenging her obnoxious new beau on the ski slopes, with some surprising and humorous results.


Have you ever wondered what an 80s cult classic film can teach us about the psychology of love and heartbreak? Join Dr. Galena Rhoades as she delves into the intricate world of relationships through the lens of the cult classic film, Better Off Dead. Dr. Rhoades will explore the predictors of relationship success, offering valuable insight into improving the outcomes of romantic relationships. Additionally, Dr. Rhoades will illuminate the impact of breakups on our psychological well-being, examining the positive and negative ramifications. Discover strategies for navigating the complexities of heartache and emerge with a deeper understanding of how to transform breakup experiences into opportunities for growth and resilience.


Dr. Galena Rhoades is a Research Professor and the Director of the Institute for Relationship Science at the University of Denver and a practicing clinical psychologist. Her research program focuses on romantic relationship formation processes and predictors of relationship success as well as studies of the effectiveness of couple intervention programs, of which she has over 130 publications in these areas. Dr. Rhoades founded the Denver non-profit Thriving Families, which offers MotherWise, a relationship education program for women and teen parents during pregnancy and postpartum, as well as mental health services.


Atalia Lopez is an Australian transplant, Letterboxd devotee, and Frida Cinema board member. She teaches classes on the intersection of film, literature, and the urban environment at Chapman University, and is proudly responsible for exposing hundreds of students to David Lynch's Mulholland Drive. Atalia completed her undergraduate studies in literature at Chapman University and holds a master's degree from the University of Oxford. You may also know her as the host of The Frida's monthly Film Trivia Nights, where she invented the “fourth round stretch.”


Science on Screen is an initiative of the Coolidge Corner Theatre, with major support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and their grant initiative brings science to cinemas nationwide. The Coolidge Corner Theatre's series has enhanced film and scientific literacy with this popular program, which launched at the Coolidge in 2005 in partnership with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and its pioneering nationwide film program. Since 2011, Sloan has awarded the Coolidge over $4 million to develop and administer Science on Screen programs around the US through partnerships with other nonprofits. The Coolidge has in turn awarded 393 grants totaling over $2.5 million to 121 film and science-focused organizations in 44 states (plus Washington, DC) across the country. Learn more at

Science on Screen is an initiative of the Coolidge Corner Theatre, with major support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Genre: Horror
Runtime: 100 minutes
Rating: PG-13
Start Date: May 16, 2024
Acclaimed filmmaker Jane Schoenbrun (We're All Going to the World's Fair) returns with their brand-new feature, I Saw the TV Glow — presented by A24.

Teenager Owen (Justice Smith) is just trying to make it through life in the suburbs when his classmate (Brigette Lundy-Paine) introduces him to a mysterious late-night TV show — a vision of a supernatural world beneath their own. In the pale glow of the television, Owen's view of reality begins to crack.

Having received unanimous praise since its premiere at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival, I Saw the TV Glow is a gorgeously stylized extension of one of the most exciting directorial talents in recent years.