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Big Screen Rewind

Hi everyone, Trevor here!
I wanted to take a moment to explain a new series that’s launching at The Frida Cinema starting this weekend until early June(ish). Our Marketing Director Owen is calling it: Big Screen Rewind. I like that name. Basically, the idea is to bring back five movies we really dug from 2020 that we were sad we relegated to watching at home on our various sizes of televisions. Here at The Frida, we are champions of the big screen experience. Duh. Many theaters that are re-opening are going to have to rely on the hits for a while and want to put last year well in their rear view mirror. I understand this sentiment, but I wanted to take a step back and revisit some movies that might hopefully vanquish the idea that 2020 was a “bad year for cinema”.
We’re kicking off the series this weekend with American auteur Kelly Reichardt’s barely-released A24 film First Cow. I personally know a lot of people who didn’t get to catch it early last year and have literally been putting off seeing it if it wasn’t on the big screen. Well…now it is! Our second Big Screen Rewind is Darius Marder’s incredible debut feature Sound of Metal. See Riz Ahmed’s Oscar-nominated performance where it was meant to be seen and more importantly, heard: in a movie theater! Third up, we have Brandon Cronenberg’s visual bonanza Possessor: Uncut. Picked up by NEON as the buzziest genre film to play at last year’s Sundance film festival, this flick is filled to the brim with intensity that just simply can’t be replicated at home. The fourth movie in the series is the unrelenting mind-bender I’m Thinking of Ending Things. Written and directed by Charlie Kaufman, the movie went straight to Netflix, which is shame given the beautiful cinematography by Lukasz Zahl (Ida, Cold War) and incredible performances by leads Jessie Buckley and Jesse Plemons.
So whether you’ve seen these movies at home or were waiting on seeing them in a theater, with people, on the big screen…we’ve got you covered! Check out the showtimes below, and we’ll see you at the movies!

Click titles for details and advance tickets.

FIRST COW (2019)
Directed by Kelly Reichardt
Saturday, May 22nd – Monday, May 24th
Directed by Darius Marder
Tuesday, May 25th – Thursday, May 27th
Directed by Brandon Cronenberg
Friday, May 28th – Sunday, May 30th
Directed by Charlie Kaufman
Monday, May 31st – Thursday, June 3rd


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