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Enter The Dragon

Bruce Lee Weekend – May 2023

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Celebrate one of kung-fu’s most celebrated stars with Bruce Lee Weekend, coming this May! A trained martial artist, Lee first became known for his supporting role as Kato in the popular TV series The Green Hornet before becoming a star in his own right with a string of Hong Kong action films in the 70s. While Lee’s life was tragically cut short by cerebral edema at the age of 32, the momentous impact of his craft can be felt far beyond his films even today. We won’t be kung-fu fighting but tickets will go faster than lighting, so grab them while you can and we’ll see you next month!

The Big Boss – May 12
Directed by Lo Wei | 1971

City boy Chen (Lee) moves from Hebei to Thailand to live with his cousins and work at an ice factory, having swore to his dying mother to never get involved in any fight. However, after members of his family begin to disappear when the factory’s management enters the picture, subsequent mysteries and pressures force Chen to break a family vow and wage war on the tyrannical Big Boss (Han Ying-chieh).

Fist of Fury – May 13
Directed by Lo Wei | 1972

Chen Zhen (Lee) has returned to his former Jingwu School in Shanghai when he learns of the death of his beloved master. When investigating his death, Chen discovers a rival Japanese school that is operating a drug smuggling ring, whenever it isn’t taunting and insulting those near to his late instructor. As their culpability becomes clear, Chen vows vengeance by taking on both Chinese and Japanese assassins… and yes, including a towering Russian named Petrov (Robert Baker).

The Way of the Dragon – May 14
Directed by Bruce Lee | 1972

Arriving in Rome to help his cousins with their restaurant is none other than Tang Lung (Lee). Pressured to sell their property to the boss of a local crime syndicate, Tang poses a new threat to them, and a new defense for the restaurant. Hiring the best Japanese and European martial artists to fight Tang, the syndicate wages war while Tang enlists the restaurant staff to become karate masters in order to finish them off.

Enter the Dragon: 50th Anniversary – May 12 – 15
Directed by Robert Clouse | 1973

Lee (Lee) is a highly proficient Hong Kong martial artist and instructor, agreeing to spy on a reclusive, artificially-handed crime lord named Han (Shih Kien) by infiltrating his private island. Using an invitation to a tournament in the island as cover, Lee realizes that Han’s entourage has more deadly familial ties than he could ever have imagined. Lee’s plan? Waging deadly fists and brutal combat against every single threat standing in his way.

Game of Death – May 15
Directed by Bruce Lee | 1978

After gaining international success, martial arts movie star Billy Lo (Lee) finds himself fending off against a racketeering syndicate. After a close call, Billy makes his move by faking his own death, using this to get closer to the ones who nearly took his life, who will then attempt to take that of his fiancée if Billy doesn’t get to them first.


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