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Bride Of Franky

Guillermo del Toro @ Birch Park – October 2022

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Grab your blankets, picnic baskets, and low-back folding chairs, and join us as the City of Santa Ana partners with The Frida to convert Santa Ana’s Birch Park into an outdoor venue for cinema! This month, our outdoor movie series celebrates Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro by playing four classic horror movies that helped shape his creative vision! These events are being brought to you free-of-charge by the City of Santa Ana!

5:00pm – Gates open to the public. First-come, first-served seating! See venue rules and FAQ below!

6pm – Live Band

7pm – Brief introductions, then the feature film begins!

This month’s schedule:

Creature from the Black Lagoon – Oct 6
Directed by William Alland | 1954
Musical Guest: Migstape

A team of researchers heads to a remote lagoon in the Amazon to study fossils belonging to a hitherto-unknown species of amphibious, bipedal creature. Much to the team’s shock, a member of the species turns out to not only still be alive but surprisingly human as well, with it taking a special interest in female team member Kay. As the researchers argue amongst themselves about the creature’s ultimate fate, they must also defend themselves against its superhuman strength and all-too human urges.

Frankenstein – Oct 13
Directed by James Whale | 1931
Musical Guests: Wam Dingis & Chapis

Friends and family of Dr. Henry Frankenstein worry about the eccentric scientist’s recent seclusion. When they visit the castle he is working in, they are shocked to bear witness to the creation of a creature stitched together from human parts (including the brain of a hanged criminal). Unfortunately, Frankenstein’s creation struggles to overcome its baser instincts and soon finds itself in conflict with those around it.

The Bride of Frankenstein – Oct 20
Directed by James Whale | 1935
Musical Guest: Briana Harley and Friends

Picking up where the first Frankenstein film left off, Dr. Frankenstein is approached by his old mentor Dr. Pretorius. Impressed by his young protege’s revification of the Monster, Pretorius talks Henry into helping him create a mate for the creature. Meanwhile, Frankenstein’s creation roams the country at will, encountering kindness in some quarters and hostility in others.

Spanish Dracula – Oct 27
Directed by George Melford | 1931
Musical Guest: Bettys Mustache 

Based on the stage adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula sees the titular vampire hypnotize soliticor Renfield into being his mortal minion before relocating from his castle in Transylvania to an abandoned abbey in England. There, he begins preying on the people of London and working his will on one Mina Harker, who finds herself beguiled by the count’s charms.

– Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) –


Birch Park is located at 400 W 3rd St, Santa Ana, CA 92701. The closest parking lot is the City’s parking structure located at 310 N. Birch St. Guests who park in this lot will receive a validation ticket from the City of Santa Ana — make sure you swing by the City’s info booth at the event for your validation!


Bring a blanket, towel, LOW-BACK chair, or anything else you need to get comfy and enjoy a movie under the stars! Picnic baskets and outside food are welcome, though keep in mind that there are several fantastic neighboring restaurants that will be open to get your food needs handled!


Alcohol and smoking are prohibited. Please be courteous to your fellow audience members — if you are planning to bring chairs, bring LOW-BACK chairs so as to not block the folks behind you.


Gates open at 5pm!


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