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In Defense Of… – 2024

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The Frida Cinema rises In Defense Of…, a new series with a unique concept! Picked and presented by each of our staff members, this monthly program features movies that polarized (or were outright hated by) critics and audiences alike when first released but that we find entertaining or even – in some cases – great. From outrageous horror parodies to goofy childhood not-so-favorites, all film genres and eras are ripe for reevaluation in this series. They may not all be your cup of tea, but how will you know until you see them for yourself?

Logan’s Pick: Howard the Duck – Mar 27
Directed by Willard Huyck | 1986

In this film based on the comic book character, Howard the Duck is suddenly beamed from Duckworld, a planet of intelligent ducks with arms and legs, to Earth, where he lands in Cleveland. There he saves rocker Beverly (Lea Thompson) from thugs and forms a friendship with her. She introduces him to Phil (Tim Robbins), who works at a lab with scientist Dr. Jenning (Jeffrey Jones). When the doctor attempts to return Howard to his world, Jenning instead transfers an evil spirit into his own body.

Austin’s Pick: Clifford – April 24
Directed by Paul Flaherty | 1994

When his brother asks him to look after his young son Clifford (Martin Short), Martin Daniels (Charles Grodin) agrees, taking the boy into his home and introducing him to his future wife, Sarah (Mary Steenburgen). Clifford is fixated on the idea of visiting the famed theme park Dinosaur World, and Martin, an engineer who helped build the park, makes plans to take him. But, when Clifford reveals himself to be a first-rate brat, his uncle goes bonkers, and a loony inter-generational standoff ensues.

Garrett & Reggie’s Pick: Tusk – May 27
Directed by Kevin Smith | 2014

A U.S. podcaster (Justin Long) ventures into the Canadian wilderness to interview an old man (Michael Parks) who has an extraordinary past, and the American learns the man has a dark secret involving a walrus.


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