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For A Few Dollars More

Morricone March – March 2024

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Celebrate the aural artistry of one of cinema’s most accomplished songsmiths with Morricone March! Widely remembered for his work on Sergio Leone’s Man with No Name trilogy, even those who’ve never seen The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly recognize Ennio Morricone’s iconic theme through its enduring cultural ubiquity. However, Morricone also left his indelible mark on a parade of productions across different genres and countries. A fistful of dollars gets you tickets to five of these films, so grab yours today!

Ennio – Mar 4 – 6, 9 – 14, & 29 – 31
Directed by Giuseppe Tornatore | 2021

A portrait of Ennio Morricone, the most popular and prolific film composer of the 20th century, the one most loved by the international public, a two-time Oscar winner and the author of over five hundred unforgettable scores.

Days of Heaven: 4K Restoration – Mar 4 – 6
Directed by Terrence Malick | 1978

A screen poem about life in America at the turn of the century. A story of love and murder told through the voice of a child and expressive images of nature in 1916. A steelworker flees Chicago after a fight with his boss; he takes his little sister and girlfriend with him.

The Bird with the Crystal Plumage – Mar 9 – 11
Directed by Dario Argento | 1970

An American writer, Sam Dalmas (Tony Musante), is living in Rome with his girlfriend, Julia (Suzy Kendall). While visiting an art gallery, Sam witnesses an unsuccessful murder attempt by a mysterious figure. As the assailant is believed to be an infamous serial killer, Sam quickly becomes a key witness in the ongoing police investigation. After he begins searching for clues that may help him identify the killer, Sam discovers that he may be the next intended victim.

For a Few Dollars More – Mar 12 – 14
Directed by Sergio Leone | 1965

In the Wild West, a murderous outlaw known as El Indio (Gian Maria Volonte) and his gang are terrorizing and robbing the citizens of the region. With a bounty on El Indio’s head, two bounty hunters, Monco (Clint Eastwood) and Col. Douglas Mortimer (Lee Van Cleef), come to collect the prize. Upon their first meeting, the two men view each other as rivals, but they eventually agree to become partners in their mutual pursuit of the vicious criminal.

Cinema Paradiso – Mar 29 – 31
Directed by Giuseppe Tornatore | 1988

Young Salvatore Di Vita (Salvatore Cascio) discovers the perfect escape from life in his war-torn Sicilian village: the Cinema Paradiso movie house, where projectionist Alfredo (Philippe Noiret) instills in the boy a deep love of films. When Salvatore grows up, falls in love with a beautiful local girl (Agnese Nano) and takes over as the Paradiso’s projectionist, Alfredo must convince Salvatore to leave his small town and pursue his passion for filmmaking.


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