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Todd Field Retrospective – January 2023

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Join us this month for our Todd Field Retrospective series! The director behind last year’s critical darling TÁR, Field’s tense, penetrating dramas have been compared to the work of Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg. All three of his feature films also have the distinction of having been showered with praise by critics, with his first two movies both receiving Academy Award nominations for Best Picture. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the majesty of TÁR and Field’s other works on the big screen!

TÁ– Jan 11 – 15
Directed by Todd Field | 2022

In the prestigious world of international classical music, Lydia Tár stands amongst the most acclaimed living composer-conductors in addition to being the first female chief conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic. While prepping for a live performance of Mahler’s 5th Symphony, Tár struggles to navigate the blurring line of her professional and personal lives. As her decisions begin to culminate in fracturing relationships and the surfacing threat of scandal, Tár is forced to confront her past as the prospects of her future begin to dim entirely.

Little Children – Jan 16 & 17
Directed by Todd Field | 2006

Newly-divorced Sarah Pierce meets Brad, a law student and father of a four-year-old, at a park. Despite hitting it off and even kissing on a dare, the two decide to keep it platonic. This proves to be prudent as Sarah learns that Brad is still married, with his wife growing suspicious toward her husband’s new “friend”. Meanwhile, newly-released sex offender Ronnie McGorvey returns to the neighborhood and attempts to reintegrate into society, an effort made difficult by the contempt and suspicion with which his neighbors regard him as well as his own proclivities.

In the Bedroom – Jan 30 & 31
Directed by Todd Field | 2001

Ruth and Matt Fowler share a peaceful home life in the seaside town of Camden, Maine as their son, Frank, freshly graduated from college, returns home for the summer. In the midst of a fling with an older woman named Natalie, Frank attracts the attention of Natalie’s ex-husband, who begins to interfere through dangerous means. When the unthinkable occurs, Ruth and Matt take to it in very different ways — one surrenders to isolation, while the other plans retribution.


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