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The Quick And The Dead

Volunteer of the Month Picks – September 2022

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Join us in celebrating our September Volunteers of the Month! This month, our star volunteers are Jonathan Chapman and Kino Finnegan! Jonathan has chosen Quentin Tarantino’s botched heist caper Reservoir Dogs, while Kino has selected Sam Raimi’s revisionist Western The Quick and the Dead. Be sure to grab your tickets for both at the links below, and we’ll see you there!

Reservoir Dogs – Sep 16 & 18
Directed by Quentin Tarantino | 1992

Reservoir Dogs examines what happens before and after a botched jewelry store robbery, and how a group of “professional” criminals handle the pressure. Tarantino’s revolutionary story structure sets up what is essentially a stage play for his explosive cast to act out with bravado and short-temperament. How did the cops know they were coming? Who made it out alive? Tarantino sets up the mystery, and pays it off with the expertise of a filmmaker many years ahead of his time – famously delivering one of the greatest heist films, in which the heist itself is never shown.

The Quick and the Dead – Sep 25 & 26
Directed by Sam Raimi | 1995

In the vast, dusty Old West, the small town of Redemption attracts a spectrum of gunslingers, outlaws, and other crazy characters for a fast draw competition. With $123,000 in prize money on the line, the game is put together by Herod (Gene Hackman), the iron-fisted outlaw who lords over the town. A suave ex-soldier, a seemingly indestructible Indian, a pretty boy heartthrob (Leonardo DiCaprio), a scarred prison escapee, and even a pacifist reverend (Russell Crowe) make up just part of the long list of competitors. However, the gunslinger turning the most heads is a beautiful, stone-faced young woman (Sharon Stone). When asked her purpose for joining the game, she insists she’s there for only the money…yet her eyes give away that there’s something else bringing her to Redemption.


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