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AXCN: Paprika – Satoshi Kon Fest

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AXCN: Paprika – Satoshi Kon Fest

AXCN: Paprika – Satoshi Kon Fest

Please note: The screenings on February 7th & 11th of this film are in original Japanese language with English subtitles. The screening on February 8th will be dubbed entirely in English.

Anime Expo Cinema Nights presents the last film ever made by visionary director Satoshi Kon – his mind-bending thriller Paprika, which has been restored in 4K for the first time ever.

Dr. Atsuko Chiba works as a scientist by day and, under the code name "Paprika," is a dream detective at night. Atsuko and her colleagues are working on a device called the DC Mini, which is intended to help psychiatric patients, but in the wrong hands it could destroy people's minds. When a prototype is stolen, Atsuko/Paprika springs into action to recover it before damage is done.

Celebrated for its dazzling imagery and intense sequences, Paprika is a landmark in Japanese animation, and a definitive swan song for its director.

  • Rating R
  • Running time 90
  • Genre Anime

Movie Times

Wednesday, February 7th
Thursday, February 8th
Sunday, February 11th