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AXCN: Tokyo Godfathers 20th Anniversary – Satoshi Kon Fest

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AXCN: Tokyo Godfathers 20th Anniversary – Satoshi Kon Fest

AXCN: Tokyo Godfathers 20th Anniversary – Satoshi Kon Fest

Please note: the December 11th & 13th screenings of this film will be presented in the original Japanese language with English subtitles. The December 12th screening will be entirely dubbed in English.

Anime Expo Cinema Nights invites you to celebrate Tokyo Godfathers, the acclaimed holiday classic from master director Satoshi Kon (Paprika, Perfect Blue), as it returns to theaters to celebrate its 20th anniversary with a 4K restoration under the supervision of the original art director and producers.

On Christmas Eve, three homeless companions stumble upon a baby girl in a garbage heap. They name her Kiyoko, and vow to care for her as they track down her family. Haunted by memories of their own broken pasts and pursued by a cast of shadowy characters from Tokyo's nightlife, Hana, Gin and Miyuki overcome their differences and learn to trust one another as a new, makeshift family. With the New Year fast approaching, the mystery behind baby Kiyoko deepens, and these unlikely heroes discover the surprising -- and sometimes miraculous -- connections that have brought them all together.

Co-written by Keiko Nobumoto (Cowboy Bebop) and featuring a whimsical score by Keiichi Suzuki, Tokyo Godfathers is a masterpiece that is at once heartfelt, hilarious and highly original, a tale of hope and redemption in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

  • Rating PG-13
  • Running time 93
  • Genre Anime

Movie Times

Monday, December 11th
Tuesday, December 12th
Wednesday, December 13th