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Arthouse 101

Blood Simple: American Independent

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Blood Simple: American Independent

Blood Simple: American Independent

The film world was introduced to Joel and Ethan Coen with their 1984 directorial debut, Blood Simple, screening as part of our American Independent series.

When a bartender named Ray (John Getz) has an unexpected romantic rendezvous with a waitress named Abby (a debuting Frances McDormand), a private detective (M. Emmet Walsh) takes photos to send back to Julian (Dan Hedaya) -- Ray's boss and Abby's husband. When he fails to bring a resistant Abby back home, Julian pays the detective a hefty fee for both Ray and Abby's deaths. What follows is a calamitous series of events, all informed by betrayal and a twisted sense of humor.

A potent blend of neo-noir, pulp, and lo-fi horror, Blood Simple fuses its grim tone with unexpected comedy as a calling card for one of American cinema's most unique directorial duos.

  • Rating R
  • Running time 97
  • Genre Arthouse 101

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