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Cult Cinema

Cult Soup

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Cult Soup

Cult Soup

This past October, The Frida Cinema's resident Rocky Horror shadowcast troupe K.A.O.S. presented CULT SOUP... to rave reviews and orders for "MORE SOUP, MORE SOUP, MORE SOUP!" This original devised work of debauchery that was a surprise to all in attendance has had overwhelming demand for a one-time ENCORE serving of our original recipe! You read the menu board here, folks-- you have ONE MORE CHANCE to see K.A.O.S.'s original CULT SOUP, so come have a taste before it's gone for good!

Surf the cult channels for a lip-sync extravaganza unlike any other and find actors acting in front of the movie screen in musical numbers, scenes from classic films, and for the main course, ONE WHOLE FULL-LENGTH FEATURE FILM performed by our ultra-talented troup for ONE NIGHT ONLY! That's right-- to find out how it tastes, you'll have to jump right in! What are you waiting for? The night is long but the soup is hot!

  • Rating R
  • Running time 150
  • Released 10-14-2022
  • Genre Cult Cinema

Movie Times

Friday, December 16th