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Frida After Dark: The Warriors

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Frida After Dark: The Warriors

Frida After Dark: The Warriors

Come out and play! Our Frida After Dark series takes to the nocturnal streets of New York with Walter Hill's 1979 classic, The Warriors.

When the Gramercy Riffs — the most powerful gang in New York City — propose a truce to unite every gang for collective control of the city, the leader of the malicious Rogues responds with violence. News of the crime makes its way to the Warriors, who are falsely implicated in the act, causing the Riffs to place a hit on the group. The only way to redeem their name results in a thirty-mile trek from the Bronx to their home in Coney Island, in which they find themselves against the entirety of New York's most dangerous groups.

Having incited vandalism at the time of its release with its raw portrayal of violence, Walter Hill lends The Warriors a potent sense of danger and grit that continues to thrill four decades onward.

  • Rating R
  • Running time 94
  • Genre Cult Cinema

Movie Times

Friday, March 24th
Saturday, March 25th