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Fright Night: Presented by HorrorBuzz

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Fright Night: Presented by HorrorBuzz

Fright Night: Presented by HorrorBuzz

Horror Movie Night presented by HorrorBuzz is screening the classic 80's vampire movie Fright Night!

Horror Movie Night takes it to another level with a full night of entertainment including a vampire-themed HMN Video Preshow, a Frida Cinema Horror Game Show, a Themed Drink, Trivia, and an award-winning horror short from HorrorBuzz's The Screaming Room Film Festival at Midsummer Scream.

Get ready to sink your fangs into Fright Night, the ultimate scream-fest of the '80s! Picture this: a hunky hero, a nosy neighbor, and one seriously spooky vampire next door. It's a wild ride through the dark side, packed with killer one-liners, blood-curdling screams, and enough camp to make your head spin! So grab your popcorn and your garlic, 'cause this flick is gonna drag you kicking and screaming into the night!

Join HorrorBuzz for Horror Movie Night at The Frida Cinema for your spooky season!

Doors open and pre-show begins at 7:30 pm, so arrive early!

  • Rating R
  • Running time 106
  • Genre Horror

Movie Times

Saturday, October 26th