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Girl Shy (1924) + Live Musical Score: Presented by Flickrhappy

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Girl Shy (1924) + Live Musical Score: Presented by Flickrhappy

Girl Shy (1924) + Live Musical Score: Presented by Flickrhappy

Join us for the 100th anniversary screening of the Harold Lloyd classic, Girl Shy — featuring an in-person introduction by Suzanne Lloyd, Harold Lloyd's granddaughter, and live musical accompaniment by Cliff Retallick, presented by our friends at Flickrhappy!

Long before Jackie Chan began doing stunts that could easily cripple a man a third his age or those guys on Jackass started setting one another on fire, Harold Lloyd was risking life and limb to give his audience a few chuckles. Lloyd flourished during Hollywood's lawless days; it was an era before union regulations, when on-set safety was barely considered and directors routinely subjected their stars to actual raging fires and pounding floods. Special effects were so primitive that when guns were fired on-screen, well, guns were fired on-screen. And even against this backdrop, people thought Lloyd was nuts for the stunts he did in his pictures.

Girl Shy is a splendid introduction to Lloyd's work. The film stars Lloyd as hapless Harold Meadows, a sweet, stuttering, impoverished geek-boy who falls hard for a lovely rich girl. The film zips along at a breezy pace, but nothing prepares you for the 20-minute chase toward the end, a spectacular, comic free-for-all that has influenced everything from The Graduate to It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World to The Blues Brothers.

  • Rating NR
  • Running time 90
  • Genre Special Event

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Sunday, April 21st