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Grease 2: Presented by OC Pride

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Grease 2: Presented by OC Pride

Grease 2: Presented by OC Pride

Join OC Pride for the 40th anniversary of Grease 2, the 1982 sequel to Grease!

It's 1961, two years after the original Grease gang graduated, and there's a new crop of seniors and new members of the coolest cliques on campus, the Pink Ladies and T-Birds. Michael Carrington is the new kid in school - but he's been branded a brainiac. Can he fix up an old motorcycle, don a leather jacket, avoid a rumble with the leader of the T-Birds, and win the heart of Pink Lady Stephanie?

Starring Michelle Pfeiffer in her breakout role, Grease 2 is a rocking and bopping follow-up to one of cinema's most beloved musicals.

"It is, in fact, something of a camp classic, enjoyable on its own terms and boasting a marvelously insouciant performance from Pfeiffer as the leader of the Pink Ladies." - Jamie Graham, Digital Spy

"Grease 2 is a film with a female protagonist who is unabashedly herself to the judgment of her peers." - Courtney Enlow, Pajiba

"Grease 2 will win you over with its unique approach to movie sequelry." - Jason Shawhan, Nashville Scene

  • Rating PG
  • Running time 115
  • Released 05-27-2022
  • Genre Musical

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Friday, May 27th