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Horrorbuzz presents: Psycho II + Motel Hell

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Horrorbuzz presents: Psycho II + Motel Hell

Horrorbuzz presents: Psycho II + Motel Hell

Join us for Horror Movie Night at The Frida Cinema presented by!

The celebration of horror and the horror community, Horror Movie Night is a full night of entertainment including the HMN Video Preshow, Prize Giveaways, Themed Drinks, Trivia, a special horror short from Midsummer Scream, and a Classic Horror Movie with other horror fans. Come celebrate the remarkable films of horror and revel in scary fun!

Psycho II

Two decades after the original murders at the Bates Motel, Norman cannot keep "Mother" from returning and coaxing him to unleash the homicidal maniac within.

"Scary and fun, it's as worthy a sequel as one might reasonably expect." - Geoff Andrew, Time Out

"A psychologically scary and handsomely mounted thriller." - Dustin Putman,

Motel Hell

Vincent Smith (Rory Calhoun) and his sister Ida (Nancy Parsons) run a rural hotel, but they earn most of their cash operating a food stand that specializes in world-famous sausages. Care to take a bite?

"Motel Hell is a welcome change-of-pace; it's to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as Airplane! is to Airport." - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"Motel Hell retains its own brand of madness by being eerie and holding onto its satirical humour." - C.H. Newell, Father Son Holy Gore

  • Rating R
  • Running time 214
  • Genre Horror

Movie Times

Saturday, April 29th