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Special Event

Huxley Berg Studio Showcase

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Huxley Berg Studio Showcase

Huxley Berg Studio Showcase

You've never seen LEGO like this. Presenting an utterly brick-tacular showcase of animated work from the one and only Huxley Berg Studios!

Animator Huxley Berg has been animating for nine years, and has since built up to not only 154,000 subscribers but 66 million total channel views. From superhero movie trailers, Star Wars videos, to other superhero movies in their entirety, Berg has crafted an innumerable amount of labors of love that you must see to believe, all on the big screen. For just $5, enjoy a night's worth of entertainment crafted brick-after-brick!

  • Rating NR
  • Running time 60
  • Genre Special Event

Movie Times

Thursday, April 6th