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L.A. Story w/ In-Person Q&A with Director Mick Jackson

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L.A. Story w/ In-Person Q&A with Director Mick Jackson

L.A. Story w/ In-Person Q&A with Director Mick Jackson

Join us for a screening of the 1991 classic, L.A. Story, featuring an in-person Q&A with Director Mick Jackson, presented by our friends at flickrhappy!

L.A. Story is a whimsical romantic comedy that captures the eccentricities of Los Angeles life through the eyes of weatherman Harris K. Telemacher, brilliantly portrayed by Steve Martin, who also penned the screenplay. In this enchanting tale, Telemacher finds himself at a crossroads, both in his career and love life, only to be guided by a peculiar freeway sign that delivers personalized messages.

Featuring a stellar cast including Victoria Tennant, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Richard E. Grant, L.A. Story is set against the backdrop of a sun-kissed L.A., and artfully blends surreal humor with a poignant exploration of love and longing, making it a standout piece of early '90s cinema. Its sharp satire of L.A.'s cultural quirks, under the deft direction of Mick Jackson, provides a timeless commentary that resonates with audiences even today.

L.A. Story is a journey through the heart and soul of Los Angeles, filled with laugh-out-loud moments, whimsy, and a touch of magic. Don't miss your chance to experience this iconic film on the big screen. It's an invitation to fall in love with L.A., all over again.

  • Rating PG-13
  • Running time 95
  • Genre Special Event

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Saturday, May 11th