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Master Gardener

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Master Gardener

Master Gardener

Reap what you sow with the new film from writer/director Paul Schrader, Master Gardener.

Narvel Roth (Joel Edgerton) is a meticulous horticulturist who is devoted to tending the grounds of a beautiful estate and pandering to his employer, the wealthy dowager Mrs. Haverhill (Sigourney Weaver). When she demands that he take on her wayward and troubled great niece (Quintessa Swindell), it unlocks dark secrets from a buried violent past.

The final film in Schrader's "Man in a Room" trilogy (following First Reformed and The Card Counter), Master Gardener is a provocative and suspenseful entry from one of American cinema's most renowned creative titans.

  • Rating R
  • Running time 110
  • Genre Drama

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