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Miami Connection: WTF Wednesdays

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Miami Connection: WTF Wednesdays

Miami Connection: WTF Wednesdays

WTF Wednesdays finds its way to Florida with the explosive martial arts action flick, Miami Connection!

The year 1987. Motorcycle ninjas tighten their grip on Florida's narcotics trade, annihilating anyone who dares move in on their turf. But international martial arts rock band Dragon Sound have had enough, and embark on a roundhouse wreck-wave of crime-crushing justice through the streets of Orlando. It'll take every ounce of their blood and courage, but Dragon Sound can't stop until they've completely destroyed the dealers, the drunk bikers, the kill-crazy ninjas, the middle-aged thugs, the “stupid cocaine” . . . and the entire Miami Connection.

Director Y.K. Kim, initially a taekwondo black-belt and author, was convinced by South Korean director Park Woo Sang to make the film. After finally finding a distributor, the exciting martial arts action and musical performances have helped the film develop a cult following.

  • Rating NR
  • Running time 87
  • Genre Cult Cinema

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Wednesday, April 26th