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Neptune Frost

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Neptune Frost

Neptune Frost

Multi-hyphenate, multidisciplinary artist Saul Williams brings his unique dynamism to Neptune Frost, an Afrofuturist punk musical.

Co-directed with the Rwandan-born artist and cinematographer Anisia Uzeyman, the film takes place in the hilltops of Burundi, where a group of escaped coltan miners form an anti-colonialist computer hacker collective. From their camp in another worldly e-waste dump, they attempt a takeover of the authoritarian regime exploiting the region's natural resources  and its people. When an intersex runaway and an escaped coltan miner find each other through cosmic forces, their connection sparks glitches within the greater divine circuitry.

Set between states of being – past and present, dream and waking life, colonized and free, male and female, memory and prescience - Neptune Frost is an invigorating and empowering direct download to the cerebral cortex  and a call to reclaim technology for progressive political ends.

"Enchanting and immersive... a war cry that's simultaneously a galvanizing call to action, a message of hope and a reminder that a different world is possible." — Katie Walsh, Los Angeles Times

"Frost is a nutty, hallucinogenic experience — like if David Lynch and Octavia Butler decided to do a Sarafina!-style musical composed by Sun Ra." - Craig D. Lindsey, Nashville Scene

"Delightfully imaginative." - Dennis Schwartz, Dennis Schwartz Movie Reviews

  • Rating NR
  • Running time 105
  • Released 07-01-2022
  • Genre Musical

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