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Rashomon: Page To Screen

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Rashomon: Page To Screen

Rashomon: Page To Screen

Our Page to Screen series returns with Akira Kurosawa's game-changing masterpiece Rashomon!

Brimming with action while incisively examining the nature of truth, Rashomon is perhaps the finest film ever to investigate the philosophy of justice. Through an ingenious use of camera and flashbacks, Kurosawa reveals the complexities of human nature as four people recount different versions of the story of a man's murder and the sexual assault of his wife.

Make sure to read the 15 page Ryunosuke Akutagawa short story that the film is based on, called In A Grove,. After the film, there will be discussion on the source material vs the film adaptation!

  • Rating NR
  • Running time 88
  • Genre Drama

Movie Times

Thursday, May 30th